What Food Causes Gout

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What Food Causes GoutGout is a known type of arthritis that often results from the increase levels of uric acid within the joint, usually on the big toe, ankle or knee joint. Excessive amount of uric acid in the body can be due to overproduction of it or due to the inefficient elimination of uric acid from the body. Therefore, aside from consuming medications for gout problems, you also have to alter certain foods in your diet. There are foods that can cause gout flare up or gout attack and these foods should be avoided as much as possible. What food causes gout?

·         Red Meat: regular or excessive consumption of red meat can trigger gout attacks. In order to keep the levels of uric acid in your body at its normal, make sure that you limit your consumption of red meat. Bear in mind that red meat contains high levels of protein. Proteins are broken down in the body and excessive amount of protein may result to elevated levels of uric acid. Most meats contain high amount of protein and consumption of it should be limited to 4 to 6 ounces per day.

·         Fish: fish are also considered as trigger factors for gout flare up. You can prevent this by trying to limit your fish intake, especially the consumption of herring, mackerel, sardines and anchovies. Fishes that contain high levels of protein should be avoided as much as possible, as well as the consumption of high amount of fish oils.

·         Vegetables: certain vegetables can also trigger gout attack. Some of the vegetables that you have to exclude from your diet are spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower and asparagus.

·         Fatty Foods: if you are suffering from gout problems, make sure that you avoid the consumption of fatty foods. You should maintain a diet that is free from fatty foods like sugary foods, fried foods and fatty snacks in order to control your weight. Although controlling your weight may not cure your gout condition completely, it can somehow prevent gout attacks or flare-ups. You should also replace simple carbohydrates like white pastas, white rice, table sugar and white breads with complex carbohydrates like brown pastas, brown rice, cereals and whole grain breads. Take note that complex carbohydrates can help prevent the elevation of blood sugar, thus helping you prevent weight gain and the development of gout and other health conditions.

If you can follow a diet that is free from these food items then you do not have to worry about experiencing gout attacks or gout flare-ups. You can also ask your physician to devise a gout diet plan for you to help you manage your condition.


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